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Our clinic first opened in Norfolk, NE in October of 2005 and we added massage therapy to our practice in the spring of 2012. We knew that adding a massage therapist to our practice would compliment the other therapies that we offer at our clinic. We also knew that patients were looking for a massage therapist in Norfolk, NE who works in conjunction with a chiropractor. We opened the clinic in Norfolk initially because we had the opportunity to provide a unique combination of services that weren't available in the area, and adding massage therapy provided one more avenue for patients to find relief. The mission of our clinic is to provide a comfortable, exceptional natural healthcare experience for our patients. The services that we provide include Chiropractic treatment for patients of all ages, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy. We also offer physiotherapies including electrical muscle stimulation, intersegemental traction, and cold laser therapy to assist with the healing process. We also like to provide our patients with active stretches and exercises if their condition benefits from this. We find that the combination of therapies that we provide, including massage therapy, help patients get better faster and have longer lasting relief.

With massage therapy, we hope to achieve relaxation, reduced muscle tension and tightness and better healing for our patients. Massage therapy can be helpful for several health conditions. Whether you are seeking relief for a medical condition, searching for a way to help reduce stress and tension or if you are just working toward maintaining good health, massage therapy can help. Everyone can benefit from massage therapy! Massage doesn't just feel good. Research shows it can reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation and lymph flow, relax muscles, improve range of motion and increase endorphins.

We offer several options for massage therapy, with sessions lasting from 15 minutes up to 2 hours. Appointments can be scheduled in conjunction with other services. Licensed Massage Therapists don't diagnose conditions. If you feel you have a condition that needs to be evaluated, our chiropractic physicians can perform detailed examinations to diagnose and develop a treatment plan and/or refer you to another specialist for evaluation if medically necessary.

At A Center For Chiropractic & Alternative Medicine, P.C., our commitment to our patients is to help them achieve natural pain relief and better health through the treatments that we provide. Patients can expect professional, quality service in a timely fashion at our clinic. Our motto is "Our Patients Notice The Difference."

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“Great place to go for pain relief! A very caring & friendly staff."

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- Michelle C.

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